To move with a fluid energy, and move about as if on air, would be nice. To avoid distasteful collisions, and swing your spirit all around, would be nice. To speak with finesse, and exist in pure elegance, would be nice. No mistakes, would be nice. But true grace comes into play with how [...]


I'm fascinated by the idea of writing things backwards. For this reason, I'll kindly request that you don't take this as morbidly as it may seem. What would I say to the world when I am no longer a part of it? Death has come upon me and because I wouldn't be able to type [...]


It seems unimaginable to be at peace these days. For those who have managed it, I congratulate you. For me, it's been Ramadan, reading, and reflection. Ramadan has brought with it a stroke of tranquility that differs from previous years. Us Muslims, we needed Ramadan this year. We needed it badly. Despite the moral pollution, [...]


What is it that fills you with such enigmatic passion that unfolds in a matter of days and fizzles just as quickly as it boiled within you? It was a want, a need to do something. Be something. It consumed your every thought and you whispered its name with your every breath. You shuddered at the feeling [...]