Every routine gets stale

But what happens when avoiding routine becomes your routine? And you ache for some kind of security Yet you know that security will bore you And it seems like you waste your days with indecision Yet the unpredictability is what you live for And each moment of spontaneity thrills you Yet leaves you mentally fatigued until [...]

Notes from my phone

So many noises. Too many sounds. All I can hear is people talking; conversing; laughing But it's too loud Here they talk about a magazine There they talk about a television show Somewhere they talk about Facebook Over there they talk about Tinder Some talk about the Kardashians Others talk about Trump Talking and talking [...]


Non compos mentis.. Sometimes I feel as though people with mental illness are on the right track. Let me explain. When this world depresses us and our bones ache for the happiness that we're convinced we'll never feel because this world isn't a happy place. We'd rather escape in fairy tales. We'd rather stay in the [...]


I watched a spinning wheel. My mind dawdled. Each spin was like a different generation. I wasn't around when the wheel started to spin, and it never stopped. Nearly an infinite number of times it spun around. Families upon families have been alive and have died. Generations upon generations have come and gone. Each with its [...]