Lately I can’t help but wonder if everything worth reading has already been written. The voice in my head that mocks originality elaborates below.

Everything has been said

Every form has been explored

All perspectives have been had

Every possible string of words has been strung

Someone has already had my ideas

And executed them

Better than I could

Wanting to be original is a terrible goal

Settling with mediocrity is even worse

“You have to be a writer when you grow up”

But I don’t know how to put meaning in words anymore

I don’t know how to dig deep

Like I used to

I’ve thrown away everything I’ve written

I don’t know why I still write

When everything has already been said

I haven’t been through some great tragedy

I write what I know and I don’t know much

Prompts enslave me

But freedom numbs me

Where do you start on a blank page?

What do you do with  a sea of words on a page?

Which ones do you take out or keep in?

Does it really matter?

Everything that belongs to you is not yours

I won’t open up to you

Because I don’t want to deal with what’ll happen when you leave

I’m pretty fragmented

Lost all meaning

I used to write because I thought I had a story to tell

Now I write just to keep the pen moving


One thought on “R

  1. I love to read poetry on blogs these days, and I do understand where you come from; as a writer, I have to think long and hard about where I write from. Maybe try not to be original, but be yourself instead? Seems silly, but try to let the expectation go; what you write doesn’t necessarily have to be the best thing, as you can always redraft, edit, etc.

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