I’m fascinated by the idea of writing things backwards. For this reason, I’ll kindly request that you don’t take this as morbidly as it may seem.

What would I say to the world when I am no longer a part of it? Death has come upon me and because I wouldn’t be able to type this when it actually takes place, here’s what I would have said to the world from the grave if I could.


Hi world. So I’m no longer with you. I left you when you were in a state of frantic tension and violent upheaval. Time is different here so I must ask, how many years have passed back there? Has love truly conquered all? Or has the world been completely split into liberals and conservatives? I gotta say, it feels nice not having to capitalize things that no longer matter. I can exist where I am and now say that pretty much every single person was pea-brained in their own way. We all thought we knew how the world should be. I’m telling you now that most things that you think are important are truly not. 

Now I’m here assessing my deeds. Did I smile enough? Did I give enough? Was I kind enough? Back in your world all I cared about was my career, making money, and having a good reputation amongst people. But did I pray enough? Did I kiss and hug my family enough?

Look. My time is over. I did what I did and none of it can be undone.

But you, you still have time.


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  1. I don’t think this is morbid. As Muslims, it is our belief that the only​certainty we have in this life is death. Human beings collectively don’t ponder it enough, for various reasons, but it is something we should be doing constantly. Thanks for the reminder, Suma!

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