It seems unimaginable to be at peace these days. For those who have managed it, I congratulate you. For me, it’s been Ramadan, reading, and reflection.

Ramadan has brought with it a stroke of tranquility that differs from previous years. Us Muslims, we needed Ramadan this year. We needed it badly. Despite the moral pollution, the air feels a little easier to breathe in.

Reading used to be an escape. Lately I’ve found ways to take even the most far-fetched and fantastical of stories and gain from them the most realistic sense of encouragement. Whatever the genre, it’s those little nuggets of influence that I use to judge a book. If it’s got anything in there that can possibly boost present day morale, even in the most abstract way, I’ll give it a read.

Nights have been different this month. I’ve managed to fill the insides of my brain with the most terrified turmoil. And then, somehow, I’d get myself out of it. I’d remember that fear is a good thing. That’s where courage comes in.


This world has an incredible balance to it. It’s terribly frightening, but at times it’s simply breathtaking. I get buried in the bad for longer periods of time than I manage to escape it, but when I do escape it’s times like these, this blessed month, that makes me believe that everything will be okay.


2 thoughts on “R

  1. This was so beautifully written 😭✨ I loved this so much and found it so relatable! I particularly loved reading the last two paragraphs more so than the others because of how profound your thoughts became! ✨💛


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