What is it that fills you with such enigmatic passion that unfolds in a matter of days and fizzles just as quickly as it boiled within you?

It was a want, a need to do something. Be something. It consumed your every thought and you whispered its name with your every breath.

You shuddered at the feeling of suspense that you’ve been deprived of and blissfully let it take over. A new infatuation. A new project. A new life.

Hours upon hours leave your hands throbbing with joy. Your mind clouded with enthusiasm. Until it’s run its course.

So you put the pencil down and survey what you’ve made. It didn’t turn out as good as you’d imagined. Preferred as a possibility.


Oh well. Maybe it’ll be better next time.


2 thoughts on “Lapse

  1. I feel the same way, excitement over certain projects quickly turning to apathy. But at least you did it, even if it didn’t quite turn out as expected. Keep on trucking, as they say!

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