Every routine gets stale

But what happens when avoiding routine becomes your routine?

And you ache for some kind of security
Yet you know that security will bore you
And it seems like you waste your days with indecision
Yet the unpredictability is what you live for
And each moment of spontaneity thrills you
Yet leaves you mentally fatigued until the next day
And this cycle continues until you look back at your years
And find that they were all dissimilarly similar
Filled with new beginning and unfinished endings
And many internal battles fought within the same exterior
Filled with friendships coming and going
And nothing constant; nothing everlasting

Routine isn’t bad. Scheduled posting isn’t bad.
Secure relationships aren’t bad. Money in the bank definitely isn’t bad.
But I digress.

How can I live a life of adventure when I was born into a tradition?
Live life my own way while simultaneously acknowledging necessary submission?
There are things that are everlasting; things worth holding onto.
Now I just need to know which things to let go of, and which to take with me.
As I move forward.


5 thoughts on “Every routine gets stale

  1. Dang, gurl! I can resonate with so much of this poem, although not all. I don’t avoid routine – I seek it – but seeking security, indecision, mental fatigue, unfinished ending, friendships that come and go… Yet oddly enough, I don’t like scheduled posting. I know a lot of writers do it and it’s been recommended, but I like my blogging to be as fickle as I am. How can I predict how I will be feeling a week in advance? I might abhor what I’ve written. That inevitable anyway, but I’d like to ensure that I stay as true to my feelings as possible. If that means I’m not up for blogging/writing for a few weeks, then so be it. Although, my model ain’t the model to follow. Sorry for going off an a tangent. I love how your blog posts allow me to do this. Thanks, Suma! Sad I missed you last weekend though 😦


    1. I definitely think it differs from one blogger to the next. If your writing does tend to be more about your mental struggles/feelings, then of course it makes total sense that it can’t be scheduled. No one’s going to say, “Alright on Wednesday’s post I’ll make sure that I’m feeling completely content!” Anything can happen. Others have a more concentrated theme so planning out posts for them makes more sense. That’s what I’ve learned, anyway. And I like your method 😉

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      1. You are right about that. I never realized this until now. Haha. My blog is definitely feelings based. I don’t really provide content for readers. Thank you! ❤


      2. Rafia you provide content that is thoughtful and genuine and you do so in a way that allows your reader to peer into their own soul. In my opinion, that is one of the most valuable forms of writing in existence and shouldn’t be undervalued. 🙂

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