Notes from my phone

So many noises. Too many sounds.

All I can hear is people talking; conversing; laughing

But it’s too loud

Here they talk about a magazine

There they talk about a television show

Somewhere they talk about Facebook

Over there they talk about Tinder

Some talk about the Kardashians

Others talk about Trump

Talking and talking and talking

My god it’s just so loud

My ears are pounding

My head is pounding

Just be quiet, please.


Disclaimer: The above was written when I was going crazy with too many noises happening around me and I needed something to focus on. So I got out my phone and typed this all out. This isn’t directed at you, Lovely Reader. I was just rather frustrated. I missed another day of Bedia. It’s coming to an end rather quickly and my prognosis is that the momentum has rapidly dropped over the last week. But it’s the final push, so I’m going to try and end April on a high note.


3 thoughts on “Notes from my phone

  1. Totally get it! My rant against listicles was also written in the moment, and now I fear I came across as a beeyotch. After bedia, how do you feel about these in the moment blog posts? I have to say I was inspired by your for some of my recent posts. On one hand I like being raw, but in the other, it’s good to have some distance to better self edit.

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    1. The thing about in the moment blog posts is that they can still be edited. This was certainly written out of frustration, but the trick is that I wouldn’t publish it right away. Unfortunately, I don’t trust myself enough to do that. The original piece had an additional line at the end, “Shut up.” LOL

      I do most things in the moment, to be honest. But I usually give it a couple hours or sleep on it, giving myself ample time to calm down. =)


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