I watched a spinning wheel.

My mind dawdled. Each spin was like a different generation. I wasn’t around when the wheel started to spin, and it never stopped. Nearly an infinite number of times it spun around. Families upon families have been alive and have died. Generations upon generations have come and gone. Each with its own spot of light to help illuminate the world.

Think of how many people before you have walked the roads you take to school, to work, to anywhere. How many people had a specific thought before you? How many have felt your sadness? Your joy? Your frustration? You are unique, yes. But our lives are all woven into the same cloth. We’ve all been a part of this dimension. Cleopatra, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad (saw)…we’ve all walked on this spinning orb.

We’ve all glanced up at the same sky. We’ve drunk from the same water. We’ve asked the same paradoxical questions. Take a look at your surroundings and listen to your heart beat. Perceive this very moment and know that you are alive. You are breathing. You are here. We won’t remain, but for now, we are here.

And the wheel spins still


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